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23. Red Curry
Coconut milk, red chili paste, bamboo shoots and green beans.
24. Green Curry
Coconut milk, green chili paste, bamboo shoots and green beans
25. Mussaman Curry
Coconut milk, peanut, onions and sweet potatoes with Mussaman curry paste.
26. Panang Curry
Coconut milk, carrots and kaffir lime leaves with Panang curry paste
27. Red Curry Duck
Roasted duck (boneless) in Thai red curry with chunks of pineapples, tomatoes and snow peas.
28. Gaeng Som
Sour curry with shrimps and vegetables
C-1. Yellow Curry
Coconut milk, onions, sweet potatoes with yellow curry paste.
C-2. Pineapple Curry with Shrimps
Thai style shrimp red curry with chunk of pineapples, snow peas, and tomatoes.