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1. Cheese Rolls (2)
Cream cheese rolled in crispy skin, served with sweet chili sauce.
2. Satay (5)
Grilled marinated slice of meat, served with cucumber salad and peanut sauce.
3. Nidda Fresh Rolls (2)
Fresh wrapped rice paper, stuffed with mixed vegetables and vermicelli noodles, served with peanut sauce.
4. Steamed Dumpling (5)
Minced chicken, bamboo shoots and water chestnuts, wrapped with soft wonton skin, served with special sauce.
5. Thai Toasts (6)
Deep-fried bread topped with minced chicken, blended with spice, served with cucumber salad.
6. Crispy Spring Rolls (2)
Deep-fried spring rolls stuffed with tofu, vegetables and crystal Noodles, served with sweet and sour sauce.
7. Clay Pot Mussels
Fresh mussels baked with Thai herbs, served with spicy chili sauce.
8. Siamese Shrimps (5)
Deep-fried marinated shrimps with green onions, wrapped in crispy skin, served with house special sauce.
9. Surprised Beef or Pork
Grilled strips of meat tossed in a spicy Thai glaze.
A-1. Tod Mun Pla
Deep-fried fish cake mixed with red chili paste, kaffir lime leaves and spices, served with cucumber salad.